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Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem

Dressing at Jerusalem. Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem.

Visiting Jerusalem is bound to be a trip you will never forget. The city is by far one of the most famous in the world because of its unique history, religious significance for many major world religions, and fascinating culture. Whether you are visiting for the food, the nice hostels the Wailing Wall, the great museums, or just a chance to float in the salty Dead Sea, you should Plan in advance to know exactly what to pack.. While a retail shop with clothing is never far away, you don’t want to be forced to buy clothes you don’t really want just because you didn’t plan out your outfits when packing. Here are some tips for what clothing to wear in Jerusalem, what to pack, and more.

Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem

Tip #1: Modest Clothing. Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem.
Modest clothing, especially for women, is a must-have. In the West, we are pretty used to just wearing whatever we please, never worrying about a bare shoulder or low neckline. But in the Middle East, it can be a little different. In Jerusalem, you most likely won’t be asked to wear a burka, but modest clothing is essential. This means shoulders covered, longer skirts, and muted colors. Men should be sure to pack at least one outfit that is dinner-with-grandma appropriate and women should pack an extra scarf which they can always carry to wrap around them. Specific items such as Jewish skull caps and scarves are often available at the entrance of religious sites for tourists to wear
if needed.

Tips #2: Shoes. Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem.
Shoes can be one of the most difficult items to pack because they are bulky, dirty, and we all wear very different shoes for different occasions. For Jerusalem, you will need a good pair of walking shoes with a grip sole, closed toe, and good support. Almost every tourist is surprised by how much walking they do in Jerusalem, and a good pair of shoes will go a long ways. Additionally, a pair of flip flops is essential for wearing into the Dead Sea and into the shower if you are staying in a hostel with a shared bathroom. Also, for people who plan on going somewhere nice for dinner or out to enjoy nightlife, a good pair of comfortable yet more formal shoes is a great idea. Don’t worry, you get to wear one pair on the plane, so shoes won’t take up too much space in your luggage.

Tip #3: Formality. Tips for Dressing in Jerusalem.
Some cultures will be surprised at how nicely dressed the people on the streets of Jerusalem are, even when just going out for grocery shopping. Similar to Europe, it is normal to see people in fairly formal clothes including slacks and collared shirts on a regular basis. Tourists that choose to pack and dress nicely are letting the people of Israel know they respect them, a sentiment which will make visiting different places around the city easier. Be sure to bring along some nice clothes when visiting Jerusalem.

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